We're giving away free bow or tie for every suit and shirt you purchase!

Boys Bow Ties & Neck Ties

Bow Ties

Add personalities to his outfit by adding colourful bow ties, or match his outfit to the mens. Browse our collection of boys bow ties and find one that suits your needs.

Boys bow ties

Neck Ties

Boys are notorious to be fiddly, and we understand that too well. Our boys neck ties work by using zippers to fasten - no need to worry about them unraveling the knot!

Boys neck ties

Men's Bow Ties & Neck Ties

Men's Bow Ties

Pre-tied bow ties. Available in plain satin or pattern. You'll definitely find one you love.

Men's bow ties

Men's Pattern Ties

Around 7cm at widest part, these pattern ties are ready to complement your outfit.

Men's pattern ties

Slim Satin Ties

Perfect for teens and young adults. Express your inner self with colourful ties.

Slim satin ties

Slim Pattern Ties

When normal ties are too wide for your body shape, but you still want to rock some nice patterns.

Slim Pattern Ties