About Us

When we come to think of it, the creation of Suit Lab was inevitable. This refined heritage brand is co-founded by two brothers; Alan & Denis Tang. Being born into a family business that successfully created and managed a fashion line for over 25 years allowed us to develop adequate business skills from a very young age.

Since launching our business in early 2009, we have been able to make critical allegiances with superior made products and consequently have sent our brand on an upward climb every season. Our business strategy is simple:  To bring you epic-made boy’s suits within a wide range of new in-season styles at ridiculously affordable prices! With this proposition teamed together with a high focus on customer service and an aesthetic to match, we’re able to offer our customers a shopping experience that is unmatched in quality and price.  

In May 2019, we open our brand new showroom for customers to come in to be fitted and create an awesome experience for customers.