How to wear Lapel Pins

How to Wear Lapel Pins

  • The lapel pin should always be positioned on your left lapel, north of your pocket square (which can be a nice touch in unison with a tie)
  • As a general rule, attach your lapel pin (or stick the stem of your boutonniere) through the buttonhole found on your lapel
  • If your suit hasn’t got one, pierce the pin straight through the material (the hole won’t remain in suit fabric once the pin is removed provided you use caution when taking it out)
  • Alternatively, ask a tailor to sew an inconspicuous thread onto the back of their lapel as the thread will hold the lapel pins in place, without penetrating the fabric
  • Position the lapel pin so that it sits at the same angle of your lapel. This particularly important with long-stem pins, where the pin pierces back through the lapel front before fastening

How To Style Lapel Pins How to Wear Lapel Pins

Now that you know how to wear a lapel pin, it’s time for the finishing touch: how to style the lapel pin with your suit.

It’s important to consider the fact that certain occasions demand a certain type of lapel pin. Rocking a rainbow flower lapel pin to a formal black tie event is a big no-no, as is rocking a little Nazi lapel badge to a wedding. Get the right lapel pin and follow these rules to style them right.